Eli Roth Making a Cannibal Movie After All, Green Inferno Story Details Released


Earlier this month, Eli Roth announced his intentions to get back behind the camera for a film entitled The Green Inferno.  The project would mark his return to feature film territory – currently, he’s shooting Hemlock Grove, a series for Netflix.

While plot details for the film were not revealed, the title alone – The Green Inferno – conjured up speculation that Roth would be tapping into his love for films such as Cannibal Holocaust (pictured) and telling a, well, cannibal story.  Turns out that speculation was correct as story details have leaked out.

Variety reports the film “follows an idealistic student and a group of naive do-gooders who are captured by cannibalistic Indios after their plane crash lands in the Peruvian jungle.”

Shooting begins in this fall in Chile and Peru and, no doubt, you’re all likely wondering how extreme he’ll make the film.  We’ll have to wait and see, won’t we?  It’s been a while since we’ve seen a good cannibal flick in the vein of some of the shockers we got during the early ’80s.  Some films have tried to capture their essence – such as 2007’s Welcome to the Jungle by Jonathan Hensleigh – but arguably failed.

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