Silent Night, Deadly Night Remake is Underway, Star & Director Revealed


The cat is out of the bag on this one.  The Aggression Scale‘s Steven C. Miller has been teasing, via his Facebook page, that he’s at work on a new film up in Canada.  And we’ve been hearing rumblings that it was a “remake.”

Variety confirmed today that he is, in fact, doing a remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night which is being simply called Silent Night.

Miller is coming off of a successful SXSW screening of The Aggression Scale – a throwback to ’80s action flicks about teens taking on bad guys.  Anchor Bay is releasing the film May 29th.

Silent Night is also being handled by Anchor Bay.  Head inside to see who will star.

Malcolm McDowell is locked in to play a small town sheriff after a maniac who dresses like Santa Claus and terrorizes a small town.  Jayson Rothwell penned the updated version of the story.

The pic you see on the right comes courtesy of Miller who posted it on his Facebook page.

Richard Sapterstein, Brian Witten and Shara Kay will produce.  Look for Silent Night to invade theaters this holiday season.