Underworld Awakening DVD, Blu-Ray Announcement


Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has revealed early details for its DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D release of Underworld Awakening.

The fourth chapter in the series – which grossed an estimated $62 million domestic and $140 million worldwide – will arrive May 8th.

Sony is also prepping another Underworld box set which will include all four films in the series.  Official specs for Awakening and that box set have not been announced.  There is some art swirling about for the DVD, however, it’s fan art and we’ll update this spot when the official package art is in.

Kate Beckinsale, star of the first two films, returns in her lead role as the vampire warrioress Selene, who escapes imprisonment to find herself in a world where humans have discovered the existence of both Vampire and Lycan clans, and are conducting an all-out war to eradicate both immortal species.

For our review, images and videos – follow this link!  There has been no word about an Underworld 5 yet, but stay tuned.