First Images from the Exorcism Film The Cloth


Not long ago, Shock was the first to tell you about a new film that falls into the exorcism sub-genre entitled The Cloth.  

At the time, we simply at the plot and cast and crew information, however, today we a slew of photos to share.

Written and directed by Justin Price, the film stars Danny Trejo, Eric Roberts, Rachele Brooke Smith, Kyler Williett and Steven Brand.

The Cloth is a thriller centered on a secret organization formed by the Catholic Church to counteract the rising cases of demonic possessions across the country. With the arrival of the Devil’s General Kasdeya on earth, the members of the Cloth have only seven days to stop the crossover of the ultimate evil into our realm. To stop Beelzebub’s arrival, their mission depends on Jason (Kyler Willett), a young godless man, to lead the next generation of Cloth members before the Devil and his armies walk the earth.

Head inside for the images.

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