Excluisve Photos: The Hot Women and Worms of The Pandora Experiment


Director Mike Taylor is at work on a new horror-thriller called The Pandora Experiment and we’ve got your first look at the film after the jump with a photo gallery featuring the lovely cast. 

Diana Terranova (Californication), Yasmine Yenganeh (Piranhaconda), Christine Nguyen (Get Him to the Greek), Jennifer Wenger (True Blood), Bruna Rubio, Rileah Vanderbilt (Hatchet), Robert Rhine (Girls and Corpses), Michael Dorn (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Noah Hathaway (The Never Ending Story), David Dastmalchian (The Dark Knight), Jon Mack (Spiders 3D) and Millionaire Matchmaker‘s Rachel Federoff and Destin Paff (Sushi Girl).

Head inside for a plot synopsis and the pics!

It’s New Years Eve and five hot party girls are tearing it up on the Las Vegas Strip . The night goes horribly wrong when they steal a car, take a wrong turn and find themselves trapped. They get kidnapped and held against their will in a underground research facility.  Held captive, these beauties are used as guinea pigs in a diabolical plan. Can the girls escape the crazed scientists who want to use them as human lab rats in THE PANDORA EXPERIMENT? Who will escape and who will die? Will any of them survive to tell the world about the deadly genetic mutants the lab has created?  If the creatures get out, will the entire world be in grave peril?  Can anything save us from mutant creatures of The PANDORA EXPERIMENT?