What’s the Latest on The Goon Movie?


I’m a HUGE fan of Eric Powell’s The Goon.  Being a fan of monster flicks and a native southerner, I can’t help but love every aspect of this comic.  So, of course when the news of a Goon movie hitting the big screen I was ecstatic.

That was almost four years ago.

“Development Hell” is a scary place, so many cool things get stuck there and sometimes never see the light of day. Now it seems like our ill-fated Goon might languish there…or maybe not.

Powell has been very open about the David Fincher-produced CG-animated film, but recent rumblings from actor Paul Giamatti (set to play the role of Frankie) about the movie have caused a stir.  When interviewed at Sundance Giamatti said, “I have no idea what the hell happened. I asked and no one knows. I guess they just ran out of money.”

And almost on cue, the Internet exploded, and a reply from creator Powell came in to settle our fears.

“Recently some sites have been saying the Goon film has been nixed based on comments from Paul Giamatti saying he didn’t know where the film was at and we must have ran out of money. Let me assure you we have not run out of money… because we never had any money to run out of.”

Also on Powell’s blog was a comment from Fincher, “The things that make the Goon so completely unique are, unfortunately, more than mere concerns to corporate hollywood.  The problem is trying to work it through the pla-dough press that is development and emerge with our dignity and YOUR hard fought independent voice intact.  But I am undeterred – this atom can be split.”

Alas, There is hope yet fellow fans! I have faith that this movie can get made, and that it will be one of the best comic book movies ever.

Source: Spinoff