What Can We Expect from the Rest of The Walking Dead Season 2?


With The Walking Dead returning to our televisions soon, we decided to take a peek at the show and examine what we can expect to see in the forthcoming second half of the second season and what problems, inherent in the first seven episodes, should be addressed.

We’ll be trying to piece together information from interviews, the comic books, and what we have seen so far clip-wise to cobble together what might be on the way.

WARNING: There will be spoilers for the first half of season two, the comic books, and potential spoilers for the second half of season two.

  • What will the aftermath be like after the revelation of the mid-season finale? Will the group of survivors stay at Hershel’s farm even though they were hiding the undead Sophia in a barn? Also, how much did Hershel know? In an interview Kirkman said he didn’t think Hershel knew Sophia was in the barn which, while believable, doesn’t seem likely that Otis wouldn’t have told him that he found a little girl zombie in the woods.
  • How will Carl react to the death of his only real friend in the series? Considering that Sophia is very much alive in the comics, it will be interesting to see how this is handled on the show.
  • Will the group eventually leave the farm for bigger pastures? Like, say, a state prison? If I were to take a stab in the dark, I think they’re leading up to that plot point being the season finale, considering the order for season 3 was bumped up to 16 episodes I imagine they’re going to try and cover the prison/”The Governor” story lines from the comics in Season 3.
  • Will we see the rest of Hershel’s family in the remainder of the season? One thing that is a huge weakness of this show is when they ignore characters for entire episodes, shying away from necessary reactions or even giving them their own stories to wrestle with. Another character I’m skeptical about is T-Dog. Where is he and what’s he up to? He’s one of my favorite characters and it’s annoying to go three episodes in a row without a mention of him.
  • Will Daryl continue to be the only interesting and compelling character on the show? My guess is yes. The episode that focused on him and his hallucinations in the woods was one of the best ones of the season and he’s the only character on the show that isn’t a total cardboard cut out. Though completely over-the-top, he’s the most fun to watch out of anyone else on the show except maybe the zombies.
  • When will Shane and Rick have a huge falling out over Lorie’s pregnancy? Sure they had a bit of a scuffle but I think that was barely scratching the surface of the absolute brawl that I think is on the horizon. Hopefully it won’t culminate in the same fate Shane suffered in the comics, because after Daryl he’s the next most interesting character.  Then again, Jon Bernthal, who plays Shane, is circling a new series, TNT’s L.A. Noirin which he might star.  The question now is, is this an acting gig he’s going to tackle between seasons of The Walking Dead?  Or, is his time playing Shane almost at an end?
  • Will the last six episodes be as slow as the first seven? Sure, they’ve found Sophia but it seems likely to me that they saved up their budget for the finale and are going to play it slow until the ending. Bad thing? Not necessarily, as long as they can write interesting and somewhat fun stories it will be fine, but if they’re trying to tackle another mystery that takes as long as the Sophia thing some of us might turn off the TV.
  • How long until the seasons start to change in Georgia? We probably won’t see it this season but eventually it has to become autumn and then winter, which I think could take the intensity of the show to another level that we haven’t seen yet.
  • Will Rick ever reveal what it was Dr. Jenner told him at the CDC? I would think after the very brief, albeit idiotic, tease he had in the first episode they will eventually revisit it by the end of the season, but then again this show sometimes doesn’t seem to remember what happened just two episodes ago, so my faith for having it brought back up isn’t that strong.
  • Who are the two guys that walk into the bar Rick and Hershel are at in this sneak peek video? They don’t look like anyone from the comic books, and it seems like they’re looking for trouble.
  • Will we get any sufficient character developments in the latter half of season two? There was a lot between Lori, Rick, Shane.  And on a smaller scale Dale, Andrea and Glen. But considering the entire premise of the comic is character based and not “ZOMBIE ‘SPLOSIONS” as some people want it to be, I think we’ll get a nice chunk of drama.
  • We’ve been told a few times now that we won’t be seeing Michonne at all this season. Considering their were rumors that True Blood‘s Rutina Wesley had been given the part and would appear in the finale, I’m glad to hear the character won’t show up. Or will she and they’re just playing with us? If so, please not Rutina Wesley in the role, please.
  • What will the finale encompass? Producer Gale Anne Hurd said the finale will be explosive and huge. Now, I think they said the same thing about the season one finale, which was literally explosive but not the kind of action that we would like to see for the finale episode of a season.  Does she mean explosive dramatically and on a metaphorical level?  The loss of a major character, perhaps?  Or, will we get an action-packed conclusion?

Now this list might seem like I don’t like the show, which is false. I dig the show a lot and I want to see all of the problems fixed so that it can become the best show that it possibly can be. I think by the time they get around to season three we’ll have one of the best mixes of engaging drama and creative action on television.

Use our comment boards below to speculate on what’s to come!  What do you think is going to happen?