Steve Niles Reveals More Details About The Nosferatu Wars


About a week ago, Steve Niles teased his new upcoming series and now there are more developments.

The title for the series, as we reported earlier, is The Nosferatu Wars.  In an exclusive interview with Comic Book Resources, Niles says the story deals with a vampire couple who meet during the Black Plague – a time that Niles calls, “Heaven on Earth for the undead.”  The story focuses on what happens to the couple after they split and continue to look for each other.  Ultimately, the story finds them crossing paths 500 years later and finding each other on opposing sides of a large scale vampire feud.

The comic will premiere in the pages of Dark Horse Presents, instead of as its own series, with a four-issue run.  Should it be a success, it could result in its own series, “We can keep it going for a long time,” Niles says.

The one thing that’s really exciting about this story is how Niles says he’ll treat the vamps.

“I’m going to be dealing with fairly traditional vampires,” he says.  With a title like The Nosferatu Wars this is a good thing, we can’t have Orlock like vamps with glittery princesses in the same story (not that I think Niles would associate with the lighter side of “vampires”). Niles also shows that he doesn’t think the audience is stupid, and he’s also not going to change the basic things we know.  “I don’t want to spend a lot of time talking about what vampires are or how they are. We all pretty much get the mechanism, you know?”

Much like Niles himself I’m really glad to see this shift he’s taking into the dark realm of vampires and I hope others take notice and decide to take the leap of faith along with Steve.  Niles says, “I hope it leaks from comics back onto the screen.”

Me too Steve, me too.

For new images from this upcoming story, follow this link!