If Live-Action Blade Returned, Lost Star is Willing to Take It On


Blade is enjoying some newfound success in another medium: As a anime series airing on G4.  Before that, the character was at the center of a short-lived television series and before that, a film trilogy.  Many fans wonder if Blade will ever grace the big screen again.  A few years ago, series writer (and director of Blade Trinity) David Goyer said it was a possibility.  Thinking in studio terms, a re-boot is probably in the cards more than a Blade 4.  But who would play the Daywalker?

Harold Perrineau is up to the task.  He told the Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex:

“You know what … I would shave my head and get into the gym tomorrow if they said that I could play Blade. I’d be in the gym pumping iron, doing kung fu… I would love to play Blade live-action. I think the character is ridiculously cool. I’m never going to be as cool as Wesley Snipes was, but I’d give it a shot.”

The actor is currently voicing the role of Blade in the animated series.  He has also starred in Lost and 30 Days of Night: Dark Days.  What do you think?  Is he a right fit?