Rejected Godzilla Concept Art is Revealed


When Legendary Pictures announced a new Godzilla film for 2012 (which will now likely be 2013 or 2014), all manner of supposed concept art and maquettes for the big lizard popped up.  And they were all bunk, proven to be fan art or old model kits.

In comes G-Fan – the magazine for all things Godzilla and kaiju – to the rescue.  The mag has run two pieces of concept art for Godzilla that shows one rejected design.  Unlike Roland Emmerich’s Godzilla, this approach at least tries to stay true to the original design we’ve all come to known and love.

Presently, Gareth Edwards (Monsters) is attached to direct Godzilla for Legendary.  Last November, it was revealed David Goyer’s draft of the script was going to get a rewrite by Max Borenstein.

These images came from G-Fan and were scanned by one of the board members at Toho Kingdom.

Source: Thanks to CBM for the heads-up