Production Begins on Australian Horror Film 100 Bloody Acres


A title we previously reported on during our coverage of the American Film Market, 100 Bloody Acres, begins rolling cameras this week.

Colin and Cameron Cairnes have attracted a cast that includes Damon Herriman (J. Edgar), Angus Sampson (Where the Wild Things Are), Anna McGahan, Oliver Ackland, Jamie Kristian, John Jarratt (Wolf Creek), Chrissie Page and Paul Blackwell.

The two directors are newcomers to the genre and, here, they explore “agricultural horror,” if you can even call that a sub-genre.  Head inside for a synopsis.

James is heading to a music festival in the bush with girlfriend Sophie and best mate Wes. He plans to propose to her this weekend, unaware (for the moment) that she and Wes have been screwing on the sly. When their car breaks down, friendly local and co-owner of a struggling blood and bone fertilizer business, Reg Morgan stops to offer a lift. But Reg is eyeing off a business opportunity here: he and his partner, big brother Lindsay, have recently discovered a rich new ingredient to their organic blen – human corpses! James, Sophie and Wes are about to discover that relationships can be bloody hard work, especially when someone’s trying to turn you into liquid fertilizer.

Source: Inside Film