NBC is Hot for the Genre, Orders Dracula Series


Presently, NBC is loving horror.  Grimm is currently enjoying a modicum of success on the network.  A reboot of The Munsters is on the way.  The early days of Hannibal Lecter are going to be explored in a proposed show called…Hannibal.  Now, it is developing a show called Dracula which is being described as “Dangerous Liasons meets The Tudors.”

Tony Krantz and Colin Callender are producing the project which is hinged on a “script-to-series” deal.  If NBC likes the script, they’ll take it right into a series and eschew the usual “pilot” process.

On scripting duties is Cole Haddon, who will tell a supernatural soap opera set in the 1890s involving the famous bloodsucker.

Krantz produced Mulholland Drive and directed Sublime and Otis.  Haddon, meanwhile, is a newcomer who garnered some attention with this script Hyde back in 2010.

Source: Deadline