In Case You Need Another Texas Chainsaw Massacre Blu-ray


You can never have too many editions of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, right?  Right?  Y’know…they sit alongside your shelf next to those multiple copies of the Evil Dead trilogy you own.  Make some space, because another Blu-ray edition of Tobe Hooper’s classic is on the way.

TCM is no longer in the hands of Dark Sky, so it is now New Line that is putting out a 40th Anniversary Edition of the film (an “anniversary” that is being celebrated 2 years early), so says  A release date has been set for October 1.

At this time, special features have not been revealed, but it’s obvious that New Line is going to release the Blu-ray to take advantage of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D‘s October 5 debut in theaters.  As New Line also owns the 2003 remake, it’s possible they could package the origina/redo together, but let’s just wait for an official announcement, shall we?