Jovovich Knows When the Resident Evil Retribution Trailer Hits


While there have certainly been rumblings as to when we’ll see a teaser or trailer for Resident Evil Retribution, nothing has been confirmed.  At least, until today.  Milla Jovovich took to Twitter to run a bit of rumor control and she revealed when we’ll be seeing a preview hit.

The actress – who once again returns to the franchise as “Alice” – says, in Twitter speak:

So I jst asked paul and he said 4 SURE the teaser 4 “RE:Retribution” is coming out on the 18th of jan! I’m sure it will b online. Then on the 20th it comes out in 3D in front of the new “underworld” movie! So there you go folks n now I’m over and out, going on vacation with my family 4 a week! Tweet u later! Xo m

An obvious decision, consider Underworld Awakening is a Screen Gems release…and so is Resident Evil Retribution, which opens September 14.