Neil Marshall’s Hellfest Attracts a New Writer


Before CBS Films begins production on Hellfest, it is calling on one more writer for a bit of script work.

Gary Dauberman has been brought in to polish the screenplay.  His credits include the creature features  Swamp Devil and BloodMonkey – hey, the man’s got to eat – but he’s been called in on various studio projects to tinker with scripts for Final Destination 5, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Ghost House’s Burst.

Hellfest concerns a masked maniac who is running loose in a Halloween theme park.  CBS is aiming to turn the film into a franchisable property if it hits big.

Gale Anne Hurd of The Walking Dead is producing and, most recently, Neil Marshall of The Descent and Centurion was attached to direct.  Shooting is expected to begin this summer.

Source: The Wrap