Multiplex Means Murder in The Last Showing


Philm Company, a UK-based production outfit, is moving forward on two genre projects, including a feature called The Last Showing.

The film is said to be about a couple who venture out to the movies and become trapped in a multiplex “become unwilling actors in a film-maker’s plot to create a real life horror using CCTV.”  Philm is currently developing the film as well as something called Killing the Shadows.

Based on the novel by Val McDermid, rights to Killing the Shadows was acquired by Philm Company’s Phil Hawkins who put writer Aiden McGrath on adapting the serial killer drama.  Here’s the plot crunch:


A killer is on the loose, blurring the line between fact and fiction. His prey – the writers of crime novels who have turned psychological profilers into the heroes of the nineties. But this killer is like no other. His bloodlust shatters all the conventional wisdom surrounding the motives and mechanics of how serial killers operate. And for one woman, the desperate hunt to uncover his identity becomes a matter of life and death. 

Professor Fiona Cameron is an academic psychologist who uses computer technology to help police forces track serial offenders. She used to help the Met, but vowed never to work for them again after they went against her advice and badly screwed up an investigation as a consequence. Still smarting from the experience, she’s working a case in Toledo when her lover, thriller writer Kit Martin, tells her a fellow crime novelist has been murdered. It’s not her case, but Fiona can’t help taking an interest. Which is just as well, because before too long the killer strikes again. And again. And Fiona is caught up in a race against time, not only to save a life, but to bring herself redemption, both personal and professional.

Rich in atmosphere, Killing the Shadows uses the backdrops of city and country to create an air of threatening menace, culminating in a tense confrontation between hunter and hunted, a confrontation that can have only one outcome.

Source: Screen Daily