The Devil Inside – Audience Loses, Box Office Wins, Satan Smiles


Paramount has another horror hit on its hands.  The Devil Inside came out on top at the box office this weekend grossing $34.5 million.

According to Variety, that’s the third highest debut in January.  Cloverfield, another found footage flick, bowed with an estimated $40 million in 2008 and the Star Wars re-issued grossed $35 million in ’97.

Reports are saying The Devil Inside was made for around $1 million, which means Paramount is already profiting from the film which was produced by Steven Schneider, one of the execs behind Paranormal Activity.  While the film is a financial success, critically it’s taking a hit.

The Devil Inside received an “F” Cinemascore.  That’s a rating culled from audiences.  The screening this writer attended experienced groans and “booing” when the film was over.  Apparently, my screening wasn’t the only one to have that.

So, what does this success mean?  Well, I’ll be curious to see how the film holds up in its second week.  Will the angry word-of-mouth spread, hurting the film in the weeks ahead?  No doubt this will certainly spur more “found footage” flicks to get pushed through the pipeline.  And I’m sure the studio is thinking sequel – if it is not that afraid of that “F” Cinemascore – which would give Paramount two horror franchises to play with.

You can read Shock’s review of the film right here.

Source: Variety