Brand New Clip from Chronicle, Plus, First Photo!


Today, Shock Till You Drop was one of the few members of the press invited to the 20th Century Fox lot to get a sneak peek at Chronicle, the film from newcomer Joshua Trank, who puts a supremely dark spin on the “superpowers acquired” formula and tells his story using the “found footage” technique.

A complete write-up of the day’s events, including some commentary from Trank himself, is forthcoming. What I will say is that the footage was incredibly impressive.  Chronicle was shot on a low budget, however, Trank, along with writer Max Landis, aspired for something with scope as they tell their tale of three high schoolers who develop telekinesis and the one loner who abuses his newfound power.

The film dabbles in some Akira territory, no doubt about that, there are also shades of Zapped! in the sense that these teens use their powers for a bit of silly business.  A sneak peek at what appeared to be a big showdown definitely had shades of the anime.  But what was striking was the visual FX Trank pulled off using the money he had.  I’ll get into it a bit more later.  For now, check out this new clip – that was passed along only to those outlets who attended the presentation today – and the first official still.

Below, you’ll find the film’s trio performing a test of their abilities with a baseball.