A Date is Set for Paranormal Activity 4


The news is brief, but for those fans of Paranormal Activity who got supremely pumped up over Monday’s news, we’ve got a date you need to mark down in your 2012 calendar.

Paramount has locked in an October 19 release date for Paranormal Activity 4.  The studio could have gone with October 26, however, the 19th provides some adequate lead-in time to get folks prepared for the Halloween holiday.

Earlier this week, the studio confirmed a fourth film was indeed in the works.  Still no word on a writer or director this time.  Nor has a story direction been revealed, but then again, the stories for these films have always been guarded.

Which direction should they go next?  They could pick up with the events after Paranormal Activity 3, continuing its prequel story, or it could return to present day.