Nice Zombies Finish Last, New Trailer for Harold’s Going Stiff


A new trailer for the UK horror zom-com Harold’s Going Stiff, written and directed by Keith Wright, has arrived.  For the last few months, the film has been enjoying a festival run.  Head inside for a peek at the preview and updated poster art.

Stan Rowe, Sarah Spencer, Andy Pandini, Phil Gascoyne, Lee Thompson, and Richard Harrison star.  The story is described like this:

Harold is the first victim of a new disease that is slowly turning him into a zombie-like state. His lonely existence is shaken up when a vivacious nurse, Penny, is sent along to alleviate his stiffness. Her massage techniques work a treat on Harold, and the two become close friends, discovering an unexpected happiness. But soon, Harold starts to deteriorate and a group of thugs turned zombie hunters begin to pursue Harold and Penny across moorlands, making them the prey of a deadly hunt. Harold’s Going Stiff is a uniquely bittersweet and comedic tale that will show you zombies in a whole new way.

We’ll keep you posted when this gets a U.S. release.