Story, Character Details Revealed for Munsters Reboot


More story details have surfaced for NBC’s upcoming The Munsters, a reboot spearheaded by Bryan Fuller and executive produced by Bryan Singer (who is also helming the pilot).

There has been a lot of buzz saying the series is “Eddie’s story” (Eddie Munster, the wolf boy, that is) and that is backed up by a script review over at Moviehole.  The site recounts the pilot’s opening sequence, which is set at a Boy Scout camp where little Eddie wakes up naked in the woods – unaware of what happened the night before – and a “baby bear” is to blame for recent attacks on the scout camp.

Moviehole goes on to say the story, post-opening credits, goes a bit like this…  Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Marilyn (the human among the Munster family) is introduced. The adopted stunner of the Munster family is negotiating to buy up a decrepit old mansion in Mockingbird Heights from an estate agent. As the blonde beauty and the all-too-honest agent (she attempts to talk Marilyn out of burning the house; the previous owner was a serial killer was poisoned hobos and it’s rumoured dead bodies may still be in the walls) talk, a construction crew, seemingly there to knock the place down, impatiently look on. But the deal is done and the wrecking ball backs off.  We discover that the Munster’s have had to move to Mockingbird Heights because of what young Eddie did in the teaser. That “baby bear” attacking the scout camp was a sign that the Munster’s needed a new address before anyone realized who was really behind all those scratches and bruises that the scouts received.

The rest of the pilot finds the Munsters family settling in to their new abode and getting to know the neighbors. 

There’s a pretty detailed character breakdown of the characters.  You can read more following this link.

Source: Moviehole