The Munsters Not Entirely Dead at NBC

When it comes to The Munsters, NBC execs know this: What Bryan Fuller did to recreate TV’s beloved gang of misfits did not work for them.  

The network hired Fuller do an update of the monstrous family.  He turned in a pilot called Mockingbird Lane, however, NBC opted not to run with a series based on that pilot.  Instead, they aired it as a Halloween special.  

That doesn’t mean The Munsters is entirely dead at NBC, however.

Story, Character Details Revealed for Munsters Reboot

More story details have surfaced for NBC’s upcoming The Munsters, a reboot spearheaded by Bryan Fuller and executive produced by Bryan Singer (who is also helming the pilot).

There has been a lot of buzz saying the series is “Eddie’s story” (Eddie Munster, the wolf boy, that is) and that is backed up by a script review over at Moviehole.  The site recounts the pilot’s opening sequence, which is set at a Boy Scout camp where little Eddie wakes up naked in the woods – unaware of what happened the night before – and a “baby bear” is to blame for recent attacks on the scout camp.