Watch a Clip from Underworld: Endless War


Underworld: Endless War is the title of the new three-part anime hitting Blu-ray today.  Where do you find it?  In Sony’s new Underworld trilogy “The Essential Collection” Blu-ray box set.  Yesterday, we gave you a peek at the short film and, now, we have a clip, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

As we explained earlier, Underworld: Endless War finds Selene in the late 1800s tracking a trio of Lycan brothers in Paris, France. The three are posing as Lords and have called a castle in Paris their own. The vampire top dogs, for a particular reason, want that castle and to see the Lycan brothers dead. Part one of Endless War lays the groundwork for ultimately becomes a mission for Selene that spans over a 100 years. By the third chapter, Selene is joined by Michael in the hunt for the final Lycan.