Underworld: Endless War Sees Return of Michael, Leads into Awakening


This week, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment collects the first three Underworld films on Blu-ray and packages them in “The Essential Collection.”  The incentive here for the die-hard fans?  A bonus disc which contains the three-part anime Underworld: Endless War.  Little is known about the anime’s story, but Sony floated Shock an copy so we got a sneak peek.  Sadly, no publicity stills were provided, so we had to get creative, so to speak, with the capturing of some images.

What the fans should know first and foremost is that Endless War sees the return of Michael, the vampire/lycan “hybrid” who is apparently missing from the upcoming Underworld Awakening.  Also, the anime leads into the fourth film, presenting a glimpse of a world in which the humans know of both the vampires and the Lycans.

Head inside for images…

Underworld: Endless War finds Selene in the late 1800s tracking a trio of Lycan brothers in Paris, France.  The three are posing as Lords and have called a castle in Paris their own.  The vampire top dogs, for a particular reason, want that castle and to see the Lycan brothers dead.  Part one of Endless War lays the groundwork for ultimately becomes a mission for Selene that spans over a 100 years.  By the third chapter, Selene is joined by Michael in the hunt for the final Lycan.

Together, the three-part story is incredibly short and the animation isn’t exactly top-notch, but the storytelling is swift, R-rated and action-packed and will likely please  fans clamoring for any morsel of information that tells them what has been happening with Selene between Evolution and Awakening.