A Look at the Killer Clown of Stitches!


Conor McMahon has officially wrapped work on Stitches, the Dark Sky Films original production shot in Dublin.  Dark Sky spearheaded the film with Fantastic Films and the Irish Film Board, and because shooting is complete, we’ve got a special treat for you.

This revenge tale introduces you to a birthday clown who meets an untimely death.  Tonight, Dark Sky provided us with a first look at said clown.

Click below, because “Stitches Grindle” waits for you inside!

The film stars popular British Comedian, Ross Noble and Tommy Knight of Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures; McMahon previously helmed the Irish horror-comedy Dead Meat.
Stitches concerns Richard ‘Stitches’ Grindle, a jaded workaday kids’ birthday clown, whose one-liners are witty in a way that’s just not for kids. Stitches falls victim to a fatal party mishap at the hands of a group of particularly nasty children. Years later, the group of now teenagers attend a party at which Stitches is the uninvited guest of honor.  Naturally, things take a downward, bloody turn.