Resident Evil: First Hour Web Series Begins Here


Machinima, the website responsible for unraveling the Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series, has kicked off a new endeavor, Resident Evil: First Hour.

The show is a a live-action fan film by April Choi and Ross Peacock. A prequel to the hit video game Resident Evil 2, the story follows Leon Kennedy as he and two other police officers find themselves trapped on a farm outside Raccoon City, fighting for their lives against an undead horde.

I wonder if it will involve the collection of herbs and trying to solve intricate puzzles to achieve trivial things, like making coffee.

In this episode: Fresh from the academy, Leon Kennedy turns up in Raccoon City only to make his first mistake and turn up at the wrong station. Unperturbed he makes a routine call to a farm outside Raccoon with his fellow officers, only to find something more horrific than he could ever imagine…

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor