Supernatural Creator Enters The House With a Clock In Its Walls


Will adapt for Mythology Entertainment

Eric Kripke, former showrunner of Supernatural, will adapt a series of books – beginning with “The House With a Clock In Its Walls” – by John Bellairs.

He’ll do so for Mythology Entertainment, a new production outfit spearheaded by Bradley J. Fischer, Laeta Kalogridis and James Vanderbilt. Kalogridis penned Shutter Island and is an uncredited writer on Scream 3. Vanderbilt is responsible for the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man.

Deadline says the Bellairs novels “introduced the orphaned protagonist Lewis as he moves into his uncle’s spooky old Victorian mansion. Strange noises lead the lad to find secret passageways, hidden rooms and the unsettling discovery his peculiar uncle is a warlock. The boy finds his spell book and unwittingly resurrects an evil wizard who sets in motion a chain of supernatural events tied to an ancient secret hidden within the mansion’s walls. After Bellairs died, the series was continued by Brad Strickland.”

Source: Deadline