Further Proof Human Centipede’s Tom Six is Working Out Some Issues


Check out the director’s art gallery

If you’ve seen this year’s The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence and thought, “Man, that director Tom Six is screwed up or somethin’.” Then wait until you get a look at his paintings!

Six might be fighting some demons, or, maybe he just gets his kicks utilizing shock value. Either way, you’ve got to check some of his art out. That’s just a sample below. If you head to his gallery, Paint Farts, you’ll find pieces entitled “Sweet Mother Masturbating Son,” “Hollywood THC Remake” (which identifies Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton in a three-part sequence), “Sperm Lunch,” “Smurfette With Genital Warts,” or “Shit Mouth.”

Yessir, it’s all right here. And these paintings can be yours! They are for sale and come with “a photo of Tom Six with the painting glued to the back of the framed linen.”

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor