Actor Lands Villain Role in I, Frankenstein


Starring Aarcon Eckhart in the title role

I, Frankenstein has found its villain in actor Bill Nighy.

Variety reports both Nighy and Socratis Otto have been cast in the Screen Gems production, the former playing a demon prince and the latter his henchman.

Nighy is said to play a character who is hunting Frankenstein’s monster, known as Adam, in hopes of studying him and learning how he was created so he can create an army of undead demons.

Screen Gems apparently digs Nighy for baddie roles. He previously starred in the production company’s Underworld and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

Aaron Eckhart was cast as Adam last month. Stuart Beattie is writing and directing.

Screen Gems hopes to have the film in theaters February 22, 2013.

Source: Variety