Spotlight On: Sons of the Horror/Thriller Masters


The genre runs in their blood

Brandon Cronenberg, son of David Cronenberg, is embarking on a thriller of his own called Antiviral (which strangely sounds thematically in his father’s wheelhouse). He is one of many children throughout Hollywood history who have followed in their father’s bloody footsteps, taking up the torch to continue the horror storytelling bloodline and renew the legacy of fear. The announcement of Brandon’s new project inspired us to reflect on a new generation of filmmakers (or composer, in one instance) who are spawned from the loins of notable horror and thriller masters.


Spawn Of: John Landis (y’know, American Werewolf in London)

What Has He Done/What Is He Doing? Max’s first screen credit came with a Masters of Horror episode called “Deer Woman.” He co-wrote the horror-comedy tale with his father, who also directed. When that series evolved into Fear Itself, Max was brought back into the anthology fold again, this time penning an episode entirely on his own called “Something With Bite” – a werewolf themed story. Since then, he sold a script to Fox, his take on the Frankenstein, and he had Chronicle – the “found footage film with dudes who get superpowers film” go into production (check out the trailer). Amidst these writing gigs, Max has been working on The Death and Return of Superman with pals Mandy Moore, Simon Pegg, Micah Sloat and others.


Spawn Of: George A. Romero (godfather of all zombies, Night of the Living Dead and so on)

What Has He Done/What Is He Doing? A career in acting didn’t quite hook Cameron after a small cameo in his father’s Stephen King adaptation The Dark Half, so, he took up directing. In 2007 he helmed The Screening followed, two years later, with Staunton Hill. The latter was released through Anchor Bay. Next up is Radical, a film starring Tom Sizemore. The film wrapped earlier this year and tells of three American journalists that are held captive from a fame-seeking maniac who wants recognition for the crimes he committed in the Middle East.


Spawn Of: Oliver Stone (not a horror director, per se, but he did give us The Hand and Natural Born Killers)

What Has He Done/What Is He Doing? Sean’s done a lot of acting. In a strong example of nepotism, it should be noted most of his acting gigs are in his father’s films starting with Salvador (when Sean was just an infant). Sean is making his feature directorial debut, however, with Graystone which leads a group of filmmakers into an abandoned asylum.


Spawn Of: John Carpenter (Halloween, The Ward), Adrienne Barbeau (Escape from New York, Creepshow)

What Has He Done/What Is He Doing? Inheriting his father’s musical chops, Cody provided synthesizer work on the score for Ghosts of Mars. It wasn’t until John directed two Masters of Horror episodes that Cody exercised his talents and composed the music for “Cigarette Burns” and “Pro-Life.”


Spawn Of: Wes Craven (A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream)

What Has He Done/What Is He Doing? Jonathan has worn a few hats. On Shocker, he was an apprentice editor and visuals effects coordinator. He’s worked in the art department on a number of films. In 1995 he wrote Mind Ripper (“presented by Wes Craven” when it was released) and The Hills Have Eyes II with his father. Jonathan produced The Last House on the Left remake and is currently shepherding an indie thriller called Charm for director Ashley Cahill.

Source: Shock Till You Drop