Note from the Editor: Shock’s Technical Problems and the Future


Pardon our mess…

There is nothing more frustrating than speaking to a Hollywood legend on the red carpet only to have your phone light up with text messages questioning why your website is causing problems.

That’s what happened this evening. Roger Corman was the man Shock was speaking with. As always, he was his genial self. But as that was taking place, readers started to alert me that they were being blocked from the site. Malware flags were going up. Our Facebook and Twitter feeds were alerting users that Shock was “unsafe.”

Insert scene here where I’m on my knees, screaming to the heavens, “Nooooo!” But in the tacky sort of way like in The Relic when a doomed SWAT team member pulled his chewed up friend out of a creature’s grasp (represented by the two birds in the pic on the left because I couldn’t find a Relic screen grab).

The bottom line is this: The tech team behind Shock was on the problem as soon as it occurred. The problem is, once those warnings you see go up, they take some time to remove. Sometimes it takes hours, sometimes it takes 24 hours.

I cannot assure you enough that Shock is safe to peruse.

But that doesn’t remove the fact that this problem has come up again and again over the last month, often during our busiest times. It hurts the site. It hurts me. And it hurts you, because I know you’ve come to trust us.

So, I offer a heartfelt apology for these issues.

That said, the recent spate of hiccups has prompted us to accelerate Shock Till You Drop’s rebirth, which has been in the works for a bit now. I’ve seen the new design. It’s sharp and clean. Allow us to do things I haven’t been able to do before on the site. It’s a significant improvement in navigation and organization. Furthermore, it will prevent the problems that have been plaguing us as of late.

Shock 3.0 will herald the arrival of many new things around here. Our video talk show Choice Cuts is returning (the “season two” guest list so far is looking AWESOME). Shock’s podcast, Shock Waves, will continue to grow. Over all…there is good stuff to come out of the headaches I’m facing right now. As Bill Murray said in What About Bob?, “Baby steps…baby steps…”

We’ll get there or I’ll go mad trying.

The changeover will occur in the next month. For now, all I ask is for your patience and support, and Shock will continue to be your leading source for horror news.

Thank you!

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor