Photo Gallery: We Found the American Horror Story House


It’s up for sale and could be yours…

On the drive back to the office from Santa Monica today, I took a slight detour through the Wilshire area, near Koreatown. A friend had directed me to the main location of American Horror Story where the Harmon family lives in the FX show.

Sure enough, the information given was on the money and I found the house on Westchester Place on the corner of Country Club Drive in Los Angeles.

I figured some of you fans of the show would want a look at the house when it’s not being used by the production. The mansion was built by Alfred Rosenheim in 1910 and it served as the architect’s home for a number of years. The building is currently not occupied and is actually up for sale. Someone who worked on the property (the mansion is joined by another building on the block) told me it was going for anywhere between $7 – 10 million.

No doubt, with the show’s increasing popularity, the foot traffic on the block will grow as fans seek the house out.

Shooting will resume at the house in the near future; FX picked up An American Horror Story for a second season.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor