Buy Intruder Blu-ray, Get Work Print Free


Feast your eyes on Night Crew

Synapse Films announces an ultra-exclusive Special Edition Intruder Workprint “NIGHT CREW” DVD-R disc to the first 500 fans who purchase the Intruder Blu-ray/DVD Combo directly from

The Night Crew disc contains additional scenes, different editing, and extended gore sequences that only appear in this singular edition. Presented in its original workprint state – non-anamorphic and with no final music or sound effects mix – and taken from the director’s sole personal VHS copy, you can even hear director Scott Spiegel giving off-camera direction to the actors in some scenes.

“We want to give fans of the film something unique to relive the days when the only way to see the original uncut version of INTRUDER was through grey-market videocassettes, so each disc will be individually burned for the customer, with a handwritten label and individually numbered from one to five hundred,” says Don May, Jr., President of Synapse Films. “Anyone who has already pre-ordered Synapse’s INTRUDER Blu-ray/DVD Combo will have the DVD-R shipped to them along with their order. Once the 500 DVD-R discs are gone… they are gone.”

Source: Synapse Films