AFM ’11: Five Minutes of Darren Bousman’s Barrens Seen


Starring Stephen Moyer and Erik Knudsen

Darren Lynn Bousman has been defrosting from his recent jaunt to Canada where he shot The Barrens. The new supernatural thriller is by no means complete, however, it was previewed at the American Film Market.

Shock spied five minutes of the film, a scene that showed off star Stephen Moyer’s haggard new look and hinted at a potential creature lurking in the woods.

The scene began with Moyer’s character, Richard, stumbling through the woods. He’s holding the carcass of what appears to be a decaying animal. Richard barely makes it to a pond (or creek) before he throws up. White vomit spills onto the carcass which he tosses into the water.

With bloodshot eyes, stubble and unkempt hair, Richard looks like a mess.

After disposing of the body, he hears something; thinks he has spied something hiding in the brush. We can’t tell what it is, it’s just a shape. Richard pulls out a pocket knife and approaches this thing until he is stopped by Ryan (Scream 4‘s Erik Knudsen).

The two exchange some dialogue (the two are camping close to one another) before Richard launches into a story about the Jersey Devil legend and mother Leeds. We see Leeds in flashback, carrying her child down to the water (Bousman’s usual flashy visual touch carries us between the past and present). As Richard wraps up his story, creeping Ryan out a bit in the process, he spies that thing hiding in the brush again: A dark mound moving along the ground.

“Do you see that?” Richard asks Ryan.

“See…what?” Ryan asks, clearly not seeing what Richard is seeing.

And with that, the scene ends. A pretty good teaser that builds a modicum of mystery. Is this thing Richard sees all in his head? What’s with the animal corpse?

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Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor