Maniac Remake Taking a Unique Visual Approach


You will see through the killer’s eyes

If one was to go about remaking William Lustig’s Maniac, one would have find a unique approach to the story, after all, we’ve seen many imitators over the last 30 years on television and in film. Maybe not blatant copycats, but there have certainly been similar onscreen creeps.

Director Franck Khalfoun and producers Aja and Gregory Lavasseu – the team behind the upcoming Maniac redo – seem to have angle.

Besides the unconventional casting of Elijah Wood, as the “maniac,” rumor has it that all of the killer’s scenes will be shot in POV.

Badass Digest broke the scoop, first reporting that the entire film would be shot in POV, but their story was corrected (someone on the inside must have reached out to clarify) to state that the POV technique would only appear during the killer’s moments.

Wood would only be seen in reflections.

POV has been a staple of the genre, of course, putting the audience in the killer’s shoes. Peeping Tom, Halloween, Black Christmas are benchmark films utilizing the technique.

Given the grotesque nature with which the maniac of Maniac does his business, this could get particularly nasty…

Source: Badass Digest