AFM ’11: Game of Werewolves Pics Are Not Kidding Around


That’s a whole lot of lycanthropes

One of the films getting good buzz this year at the American Film Market was Games of Werewolves, the Spanish horror-comedy by Juan Martinez Moreno.

I snagged a promo booklet which gave some insight into the making of the film and presented the images you see below. Arturo Balseiro was the lead FX artist on the film. He also contributed to The Wolfman and Pan’s Labyrinth, so it appears the werewolves are in good hands here.

The booklet says the film has a sequence in which 30 werewolves are presented in a single shot. You get a glimpse of this below.

Watch a teaser trailer here and stay tuned for U.S. release news.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor