AFM ’11: Million Dollar Crocodile On the Loose


The story of a boy and his giant friggin’ reptile

China has a nature-run-amok film by Li Sheng Lin on the way called Million Dollar Crocodile. The below artwork for the film caught my attention at the American Film Market, so I did a bit of digging and discovered some plot details.

The synopsis was a grammatical mess, so I’ll give you the short version.

The film concerns a young boy, Xiao, and his 26-foot-long crocodile, Amao. The two live on a crocodile farm with their family. Due to a drop-off in business, however, Xiao’s father has to sell all of the crocs, including Amao, to a gangster who intends to slaughter the reptiles and make meals out of them. Amao escapes – eating a purse filled with one million EURO in the process – and is unleashed on a small town.

Million Dollar Crocodile is hitting China in 2012 and is being sold to various territories around the world at the AFM.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor