Project 11 Pulls In Filmmakers from All Around the World


11 cities, 11 gamers, only 11 minutes to live

Some promo materials have come in for a film entitled Project 11. A teaser and poster art is all we’ve received. No plot details, however. A quick look over at Project 11‘s Facebook page reveals the film is written and directed by Vikas Chandra (with George North also on scripting duties). It is also described as “a new age thriller that blurs the line between the real and virtual world” which will hit the web on November 11.

From what I’ve gathered in press clippings posted on the FB page, Project 11‘s is comprised of vignettes, written by Chandra, directed by filmmakers in 11 cities (where each segment takes place). These vignettes will tell a larger narrative concerning a deadly game.

Interesting experiment. Keep an eye on the FB page for further developments.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor