The Sights & Sounds of The Thing Hollywood Reunion


Carpenter’s film revisited!

Hours before The Thing prequel (and yes, it’s a prequel, folks) officially opened, a crowd was settling into the Arclight Theater in Hollywood for a sold-out revival screening of John Carpenter’s incomparable 1982 film The Thing.

The event was put on by Creature Features, who was responsible for a successful screening of The Rocketeer earlier this year and intends to revisit the Arclight in the months ahead with screenings of Scrooged (December), Friday the 13th (January), The Secret of Nimh and Conan the Barbarian.

Needless to say, last night’s Thing retrospective was a hit with props and memorabilia from the ’82 film on display in the lobby alongside with props from the 1950’s The Thing from Another World. And the actual quality of the Thing film screened? Pristine. The detail was so clear it made the evening’s Q&A moderator, Drew McWeeney, admit that he had not noticed Richard Dysart was wearing a nose ring in the film until now. Sure, that’s something you can pick up on watching the DVD and Blu-ray, but my God, the screening was beautiful.

Attendees received a special program for the event and were treated to a post-screening Q&A with some of the crew, as well as cast member David Clennon (Palmer!). You can watch the introduction of the Q&A via the player below along with some snippets from the discussion.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor

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