Craven: No Call for Scream 5 Just Yet


Not now, anyway…

Touting the DVD and Blu-ray release of Scream 4 (arriving October 4), Wes Craven spoke to Shock Till You Drop this afternoon and informed us he hasn’t heard any word about Scream 5 just yet.

“Bob [Weinstein] doesn’t typically call until there’s something down on paper or something a writer can pitch to me,” Craven told us, “so I don’t expect to hear anything until Bob has that.”

Shortly after the release of the fourth film, the Weinstein brothers sounded confident when they told the press they expect Craven would return for a fifth film. Craven countered by saying he was going to take a summer vacation first. But now that fall has arrived, he’s diving into a few projects.

“I’m working on a comic book series, a book and I’m giving a talk about fear on October 14 in Chicago. Beyond that, my wife and I are building a house. We’re in the final weeks of that, so we’re getting our head out of work for a bit. We had My Soul to Take right before Scream 4, which was also difficult, so we said let’s sit back and smell the roses for a while,” he laughed.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor