Video Games: First Word on Dead Space 3


Isaac Clarke finds terror in a new environment

You didn’t think the nightmare of Dead Space was over with part two, did you?

Electronic Arts will eventually move ahead on Dead Space 3 and some early details have leaked out.

The plot finds Isaac Clarke on Tau Volantis, an ice planet where he battles an enemy referred to as “the hive mind.” On the planet he finds, according to Siliconera, “a survivor who is severely injured. Isaac speaks to the near dead comrade who reveals there are other survivors that trekked off to another facility. One of them is Ellie, a key character from the original Dead Space game. Isaac grabs a snowsuit and heads into the blizzard.”

There are some spoiler-y details at this link that connect the third game to the second chapter.

No word yet if this is all confirmed, but it does sound cool.

Source: Siliconera

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