Fantastic Fest ’11 Exclusive: Balaguero Talks Rec 3 and Rec 4


Writing the fourth film now

Jaume Balaguero made a brief stop in Austin, Texas to show off his impressive thriller Sleep Tight at Fantastic Fest before heading back to Barcelona to resume work on Rec 4: Apocalypse.

“We’re writing now,” Balaguero said. “Part four is going to follow Rec 2 – it’s a continuation of that film and picks up immediately after part two. [Rec 3: Genesis] takes place a little bit earlier, taking place hours before the first Rec. It’s not what everybody thinks it is.”

Rec 3: Genesis, directed by Balaguero’s creative partner Paco Plaza, is scheduled to hit Spain in March 2012. Balaguero will being directing the fourth film solo, and although part three has not opened yet, he knows he still has big shoes to fill.

“To make a sequel of a successful movie is difficult and comes with a lot of pressure. All of the movies in the Rec series are going to have the same budget, so you’re not really going to see big scenes of Barcelona full of zombies. They’re just not that way. You have to think about a story that’s controlled and strong and I think we have that idea.”

Of the directorial split between Balaguero and Plaza, the former says it was an amicable decision. “We decided both to make Rec 3 and Rec 4 and then stop. We wanted to make them separately because we spent four years of our life making these films and we want to make other things. We also wanted to direct alone. To co-direct with Paco is great, and we always have a good laugh, but sometimes he doesn’t see the same way as me, creatively, and we have to reject ideas that either he really likes or I really like.”

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor

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