Windows to Tap Rear Window-Like Scares

From the director of Timecrimes

Nacho Vigalondo garnered our attention with Timecrimes. Since then, he helmed a sci-fi flick called Extraterrestrial which played to Toronto film fest audiences recently and hits Fantastic Fest in Austin this weekend. Next on tap?

According to Screen Daily, it’s a thriller called Windows. Vigalondo tells the trade paper that the film is “in a style similar to Alfred Hitchock’s film Rear Window.”

We’ll see what more we can get out of him in Austin in the coming days.

Regarding Extraterrestrial, here’s the rundown from the Fantastic Fest site: Julio wakes up with one hell of a hangover. As he gradually takes in his surroundings, it’s obvious he’s not in his own bed. He introduces himself to Julia, his apparent hookup from the night before, and they go through the typically awkward conversation. Julia is clearly trying to get him out of her apartment as soon as possible. But as he gathers his belongings they realize that things are much too quiet, even for a Sunday. A quick trip to the balcony reveals absolutely no one on the street. They gaze off into the distance and see a huge spaceship looming on the horizon. While they struggle to understand what they’re seeing, Julia’s neighbor Angel stops by. Angel brings news of the alien invasion, and it becomes apparent that he’s obsessed with Julia and maybe even spying on the apartment. When Julia’s live-in boyfriend Carlos comes home, things become even more complicated. The four acquaintances must try to find a way to survive threats from both outside and within, and maybe make some sense of their situation.

Source: Screen Daily


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