Orphan’s Fuhrman On Healer Next

Shooting with Super 8 star

Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan) will star opposite Joel Courtney (Super 8) in the supernatural thriller The Healer.

Shooting begins next week in North Carolina.

Written and directed by Giorgio Serafini, The Healer tells the story of teenage twins Nick and Michelle who embark on a camping trip with their father. A family outing to repair old emotional wounds turns into a perilous adventure as they become lost in a haunted forest from which there seems no escape.

“I am really looking forward to a magical production. This film truly comes from my heart and it is a special feeling to see the written page become a reality through our amazing cast, these perfect locations and the shared vision of our cast and crew,” says Serafini.

“We are incredibly pleased to film ‘The Healer’ in North Carolina and to be a part of the great movie community here. We are very proud of the project and thrilled to have such a fantastic cast and crew,” says Pedersoli, whose Smile Productions is based in Italy but he adds “the themes of ‘The Healer’ are universal and have international appeal.”

“Giorgio has written a beautiful, intensely personal script. We are so excited to see Isabelle, Joel and James bring this family to life. The story requires settings we could only find in North Carolina. It is truly the perfect place for ‘The Healer’ and we couldn’t be more pleased,” adds Susan Johnson.

Source: Shock Till You Drop


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