Comic Books: Humpty Dumpty Hits Print Before Film


Graphic novel is born this October

Humpty Dumpty – that bastard child of alien mother and multiple redneck dads – is supposedly going to reach the screen in the future. Before that happens, however, you will be able to read the tale via an upcoming IDW-published 88-page graphic novel arriving this October.

Billy Majestic penned the warped story and Jordan Joranov illustrated.

Here, two backwoods brothers ambush a landing party of extraterrestrial beings on their swampland, killing the males and taking the lone female captive. After months of torturous imprisonment and misconduct, she becomes impregnated by one of the sadistic brothers and dies giving birth to a monstrous, half-alien, half-human, egg-shaped creature with extraterrestrial powers, bent on bloody revenge…Humpy Dumpty.

David Ellis (Shark Night 3D) is attached to helm the feature film.

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor

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