Exclusive: Richard Coyle Talks Outpost: Black Sun


Those Nazis are still up to no good

Richard Coyle is currently the hardest working actor in the UK.

The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time star has made four movies back-to-back beginning with the Madonna directed two-tiered time shift romance W.E., rumored to be opening the Venice Film Festival.

Then came the monster movie comedy Grabbers, and now he’s just completed the British Pusher remake playing the central drug-dealer character trying to escape East End London gangsters.

Between Grabbers and Pushers he starred in Steve Barker’s Outpost: Black Sun, the sequel to the same director’s 2008 Outpost.

“There were three things I always wanted to do when I was a kid,” says Coyle from the Pusher set. “Play a spaceman, make a zombie movie, and kill some Nazis. So far no opportunity to be a spaceman has appeared, but I have now fulfilled the latter two ambitions in Outpost: Black Sun because it’s a Nazi zombie movie!”

Outpost found a group of mercenaries, hired to protect a businessman in an eastern European no-man’s land, accidentally awakening a lurking terror. While the soldiers think their client is after Nazi gold, he’s actually searching for a German secret weapon.

Coyle continues, “The new movie is basically that same story, but placed on a far bigger canvas, with more epic visuals, a better script and a bigger budget. I play Wallace, an adventurer chasing the supernatural technology that could create the Fourth Reich, and I got to do my Harrison Ford impression. Wallace is my answer to Indiana Jones and I played him exactly that way. It was such a nice movie to do in Scotland and will deliver for the fans who made the original something of a cult film. Now I’ve done my Nazi zombie movie I won’t be repeating myself. I never wanted to be typecast, the reason why I left the TV sit-com Coupling when I did, and with the four movies I’ve made so far this year, I don’t think there’s any danger of that.”

Source: Alan Jones