Image Checks in to The Clinic


DVD art and trailer within

An Australian thriller we haven’t reported on since 2009, The Clinic, is making its U.S. DVD debut on August 9. You’ll be able to select from a rated and unrated version.

Synopsis: A road trip turns into a battle for survival when Cameron (Andy Whitfield) and his pregnant wife, Beth (Tabrett Bethell), stop for the night at a desolate motel. That night Beth is suddenly abducted from their room and wakes up in an ice-filled bathtub…with her baby now gone! She finds herself captive at a sinister clinic with other women whose newborns are being taken for an unknown purpose, and as Cameron desperately searches for his missing wife, time is rapidly running out. Inspired by true events, this nail-biting thriller, in the tradition of Wolf Creek, explores the most unspeakable, forbidden terror a new mother could possibly face.

James Rabbitts directed the film. Unrated DVD art and trailer below!

Source: Image Entertainment