Forget Me Not


Now available on DVD


Carly Schroeder as Sandy

Codey Linley as Eli

Micah Alberti as Jake

Brie Gabrielle as Hannah

Jillian Murray as Lex

Zachary Abel as Chad

Sean Wing as TJ

Brittany Renee Finamore as Angela

Directed by Tyler Oliver


There’s one primary lesson to be learned from watching Forget Me Not – don’t screw with your childhood BFF.

You go off and get yourself popular and start hanging with a new crowd of people that violates your BFF’s turf – which happens to be a creepy cemetery – then all hell’s coming for you when you turn into a silicone-enhanced twenty-something pretending to be a high school student hanging with a bunch of other silicone-enhanced twenty-somethings also pretending to be young students.

Ghosts and revenge pretty much go hand-in-hand in the horror genre – from a spooky house, to a terrorized family, to a cursed kid and everything in-between. But Forget Me Not does something that’s rather unused in the genre – amnesia.

Yeah, I know it sounds trite, but this is actually one of the better parts of Forget Me Not because there are far more lame parts to the film than this.

When they were kids, Angela (Brittany Renee Finamore) and Sandy (Carly Schroeder) were best of friends. They played together (mostly in said graveyard) and swore to be friends forever. But Sandy got popular, and started playing more with the other friends than she did Angela. One night, they play a bad prank on Angela causing her to slip into a coma.

It took some time, but finally Angela mustered enough hate to get revenge. And she’s doing it by taking out Sandy’s friends one by one and erasing them from existence. What’s worse is that once the friends are killed they become unholy demons as well stalking the still-alive.

The only person that remembers them is Sandy and she begins to confuse the remaining friends with tales of these people they have no knowledge of. As more friends are killed and disappear from existence, Sandy gets more desperate to find the answer that she knows is Angela’s doing. Something having to do with a rhyme they said as children.

Along the way we get the most annoying nun in maybe the history of horror, a boatload of sex scenes with no nudity (what is this MTV?), an extremely spacious fleabag motel, an incredibly lame variation of hide and seek played by adults, a completely meaningless verbal catfight, a completely meaningless drag race, the Jesus glass of doom, a splendidly awful electrocution death and some really bad hospital health care.

However, the amnesia thing is alright and the brutal, cool deaths are definitely a positive including a wicked buried alive scene and a scene that will make you hesitate to work on your car ever again.

Forget Me Not isn’t a horror flick you’ll probably keep in your collection over the long run, but it is worthy of checking out on Netflix.