Original Team Not Involved With Child’s Play Game


Coming soon from TikGames

I can’t say I’m at all that surprised to learn this, nor did I actually expect any of the original players to be involved, but Giant Bomb spoke with a rep from TikGames to get more details on their upcoming Child’s Play-inspired video game.

The game – made to download and for the PC – was announced last Friday.

According to TikGames, neither series creator Don Mancini nor the voice of Chucky, Brad Dourif, are contributing to the game.

“This might be the first Chucky project he’s not involved in,” said TikGames’ Amar Gavhane. “The story was written internally, and anybody familiar with the movie series will see some parallels or crossovers with the overall cinematic story arc.”

Again, not surprised. More details about the game are supposed to be surfacing soon, so hang tight!

Source: Giant Bomb