It Looks Like That Killer Creature Car Film Hybrid Has a Home


And it’s got a new title

Here’s one film that no longer has to make our annual “Missing in Action” list (which compiles unreleased films sitting on the shelf).

Fangoria says Anchor Bay Entertainment has acquired Hybrid for a DVD and Blu-Ray release. Except, when it hits shelves, it will be called Super Hybrid; this is the third title now for the film. It was originally called Hunter, then it became known as Hybrid.

Written by Neal Marshall Stevens and directed by Eric Valette, the film was once described to us as H.R. Giger meets Christine. It tells of a strange car terrorizing folks in a Chicago police impound garage. Said car just happens to be a hungry organic being.

Look for it August 23. Here’s a trailer…

Source: Fangoria